Do you speak English in Chinese

How do you ask if someone speaks English?



00:08	me
00:08	I guess how what can I do hey everybody
00:12	and you will not but under Chinese Les Paul and that comes
00:16	central Haiti fastest it is
00:19	and most fun way to learn Chinese in SSN
00:23	then the most common forms waking in change
00:26	you remember them in this special revonda
00:29	very useful great English if you find yourself
00:33	investigation where Nass and English
00:36	sprays can be a lifesaver
00:40	because yeah askin any change you can be sure that
00:43	everyone %uh stand but USA even 8
00:47	ass I L your comments today informal way to stay
00:52	yea sure like he now
00:54	me way sure E
00:59	expect down
01:02	year me head
01:05	wat see sure English
01:09	E
01:11	question mark parked all
01:13	now
01:14	you another the word me you know any
01:17	seconds number that insist that way to say
01:21	yet
01:22	next the work wat strike English
01:25	10 and they have where sure I'll
01:28	which me to speak makes at a E
01:32	the word for English and asked we have man
01:36	issues to ask a question it works just like a question mark
01:41	it at the end of that sentence but you'll tell
01:45	altogether its me a short enough
01:49	and I had to broker a is perhaps like way
01:52	basic and our estimate beginner series and Chinese fast
01:56	101 that time you can find very detailed
01:59	gramma lessons and resources there we're now going to make this tennis ball
02:04	first we need to use it for Malaysia year
02:07	which me
02:09	you know me which ain't no rest four year they don't need to change
02:13	were playing everything Wednesday Saini
02:16	me surely not
02:19	me
02:20	way sure
02:22	in me now
02:25	aiding team won sentence the answer even more
02:28	night me something like excuse me
02:31	yet
02:33	altogether its team whether you play Selena
02:38	St where is it but a 10 this three
02:42	wait
02:43	yes
02:44	wait
02:46	or
02:47	wait
02:48	will be surely me
02:50	yes estate detail
02:53	wait
02:54	I'll me sure all E form
02:58	or
02:59	look who we show now I don't
03:03	well or way sure
03:07	sense s let's play is a net its ten men
03:10	when it's say that net where cool fell
03:14	their wat the FF a day
03:17	al this time plea in this case doesn't he know where not only English speakers
03:23	UK yes this question with any language any
03:26	more and more Chinese people a steady ireland reached
03:30	so maybe you look at it slipped a
03:33	in me way he had me or
03:36	heading lady or session
03:40	he and or Spanish
03:43	lady or chairman SSL mentioned the expression
03:48	chain letter
03:49	but did you know that this could also be yes anthology
03:54	in an SSL within this and other ways to a holiday
03:57	in Chinese I was seeing our next SEM French okay
04:02	less than picking do
04:12	I'm