Ordering Coffee or Tea in Chinese

How do you order coffee?



00:00	my name's Danny mom conquest tiny acecomm
00:03	done
00:05	welcome to let him play
00:07	are doing it tough
00:11	would you like something you think
00:15	sure
00:17	that go to that cafe
00:22	ya Shemar who are you al cafe
00:31	padell kakima
00:35	the one cup feel
00:38	and no I'll have a cup of tea
00:42	happily el cafe hang out act
00:49	hot I'll
00:53	they didn't sound too difficult what did you say the way too fast
00:59	Yasha much me
01:03	means he'll me I think the turtle
01:07	remember to tell actively shape he goeth low and then bundled up again
01:12	till ni yeah I'll means want
01:17	now it in the forced up we pronounce it
01:20	is just are high and follow he now
01:23	Shurmur means what
01:27	Shen the thing the tech until your voice you go up
01:31	like what mother the thing then you to tell
01:34	SOC Mr
01:37	in what when the way too fast
01:42	meow Shamma she with literally asking
01:45	you well what that this means
01:49	what do you want so what did you order
01:55	a copy coughing tiny is cafe
01:58	half a both parts and its board I in the first I'll
02:02	how to avoid high and Danny cafe
02:06	as we know of
02:10	with II it is in the tectum war of
02:13	I said white al cafe
02:17	which means I one coffee and what did you say for my order
02:23	the way too fast
02:26	parallel CafeMom para
02:30	it to our for he she but it is also in the first I'll
02:35	the weighted said
02:38	pow-wow CafeMom which literally means
02:41	he want to copy them she with asking
02:46	death he won coffee
02:49	first I answered PAP or yell cafe
02:52	the new white here is
02:56	pool which means not disinfectant on
02:59	pool ya Lisa Ling in now what
03:03	so I said PAP poorly el cafe
03:07	which usually means he now one copy said this mean
03:13	he doesn't want coffee for
03:17	think chinese they're very simple in this case the bird
03:20	now if the same for all persons the 10th
03:23	for example
03:26	what ya I want
03:31	yeah you want
03:34	pow-wow he wants
03:38	are that's great news for me what did you say then
03:44	I fed pow-wow attack
03:48	tak if chinese water for tea tak
03:52	it in the second tell cell
03:56	hang out act means he wants p %ah
04:01	in some english-speaking countries the word chad is sometimes used for t2
04:06	those pastries look nice how what I say to the waitress
04:10	I want that one
04:13	just a what young nak a
04:15	nap in fact
04:19	it is in the four-star ger seen any to Tom
04:23	it is most common measure white NACA
04:26	means thou one fell if you don't know what some things cost
04:31	Eket disappointed and say y ya
04:34	NACA which means I'll on that one warrior al
04:40	nagger
04:43	how to
04:47	when the waitress says hot that immense sure
04:51	heil means good and how to
04:56	the value of a showing tiny
05:00	attention the eager to ask for this one which is
05:03	took a killer in the fourth film
05:06	im in fish took a in this one
05:12	so same y yo te llega would mean I won this one
05:15	sewing pin Yin
05:19	the letters Z and age together maker just sound
05:25	yes said and age to get there
05:27	always sounds like key like in the English word
05:31	Japan said the founded took a
05:36	sold not good for that one
05:41	and Jirga
05:45	for this one
05:48	yet that s
05:51	up from so how would I say mites he is very good
05:57	for the attack hun haha
06:01	dead that the sport that they've used to indicate
06:04	ownership or act to be to something wala
06:08	by a feldman's hi for me what death
06:11	means my tak
06:15	nifty so what attack it how you say
06:19	my p hand haha
06:22	in fairly good both words I N 3rd tell
06:25	had power soul
06:29	water shower hine how
06:33	means mighty is very good now they know how to say my
06:38	k guess how to say your I
06:43	wat die is the word for my knee so with the word for your b
06:50	need to yeah
06:53	perfect me mean to you by adding debt
06:57	it becomes you are
07:00	soul his or hers would be
07:02	tada exactly
07:06	it worked the thing with Heath and heard not come to class
07:11	Chinese to come out try our free aside
07:14	to practice internalized in your words danger
07:17	tonight when many times fun and challenging multimedia
07:21	as well glossary pretty tough-minded you can also create your own money
07:26	how mom keep track program
07:29	mom
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