Introduce Yourself in Chinese

How do you say hello?



00:00	my name's Danny mom from crafting
00:03	com done
00:05	the 101
00:07	help
00:11	lost
00:15	hi deal welcome to Beijing
00:20	the hike any great to see you
00:22	me how
00:25	mmm
00:30	heat this is how you say hello in 10 me
00:33	Chinese me how
00:38	okay me how what exactly does that mean
00:44	me it's a tiny three he'll
00:47	and haha I'll its attorneys for
00:50	good me how the team means
00:53	you good this is how to the hell aren't any
00:58	me Hall me how
01:02	but easy
01:06	you can ask questions Perry's lean Chinese you just could
01:09	mark at the end the ban defended to turn it into a question
01:15	me how meh the shooting in
01:17	are you good sale
01:21	this is how I ask how are you feeling Tiny's do you want to give it a try
01:25	me how ma
01:28	does that sound okay yeah
01:32	perfect fellow how are you I'm very good
01:38	how would I say that in Chinese
01:41	walk home how
01:45	I know how is good one to the other words mean
01:50	who %ah his Chinese for hi or me
01:54	walk
01:57	hmm his Chinese Fairbury hmm
02:01	if we put it all together
02:04	wat hand haha these you mean I
02:08	very good you don't need to putting any word to say
02:12	hand in Chinese cell
02:16	wahan how means and very good
02:20	Walheim how
02:23	perfect I can say
02:27	me honey how you know one thing
02:31	from me means you
02:35	so you're saying you're very good
02:40	yeah and that's correct well done if somebody asks
02:43	how are you im I wanna say I'm very good
02:46	and you he can stay walk honey how
02:50	Nina in this case me that
02:55	mean what by you or Andy wall hine how
03:01	Nina Hancock
03:05	he hit see here
03:09	mean thank you it these forward to now
03:14	I noticed that you use different tones for different words
03:17	yes in Chinese therefore tell
03:21	and they written in keying by youth in 42 lack
03:25	I would explain the thing de Tagle a job
03:28	for now to Skopje how I think the way and remember to tell max so the tone for
03:35	this sounds like
03:36	she s year
03:39	yet that cracked
03:42	great I noticed that the letter X is pronounced differently and pinion
03:49	yes some the letters are pronounced differently to what you might expect
03:53	I would TT the thefts were gone active pronounced like
03:58	he a thing the Wade she but slightly different
04:04	just practice repeating hi said here fear
04:08	sheer sheer now I know how to say hello and thank you
04:13	so how do I say goodbye go by it
04:18	thank him day
04:22	GN what is that literally mean
04:26	ply mean again and p.m.
04:30	means to see
04:33	so thank the end leave you mean see you again
04:36	boy goodbye and how what I pronounces Zend J correctly in Chinese
04:45	ted it's pronounced in so the founded pad
04:51	jay is pronounced he said the sounded
04:55	cm do you want to give it a try zag
05:00	GN
05:03	yet that this well done thank the end not come to class
05:08	Chinese to come out try our free exercise
05:11	to practice internalized in your words than just a minute when many times fun
05:16	and challenging multimedia
05:18	mind
05:19	as well think a lot 3 pretty tough on them
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05:26	mom
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